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1936: First commercial trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific flights

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Innovation: Trans-oceanic flights
Location: United States to Europe/Asia
Year: 1936-1939
By: Pan Am

With the innovation of trans-ocean flight, citizens of all countries were able to travel abroad more hastily than by ship. With this speedier travel, culture from around the world began to diffuse at paces faster than ever before. Pan American World Airways revolutionized the travel with the first trans-pacific flight in 1936 on the wings of the China Clipper. Three years later, the first passenger flight from the US to Europe was flown on Pan Am’s Yankee Clipper. Concrete runways were few and far between, so Pan Am resorted to the Clipper, a water-landing aircraft made by Boeing. With this enormous leap in aviation, not only could foreign materials be transported easily, but ideas of architecture, engineering and structures could be circumvented and communicated in days.

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Written by Jason Harlan

May 18, 1936 at 6:53 pm

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