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1869 : Long-distance telegraph Britain-India

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Innovation:  Sample Entry
Location: Britain-India
Year:  1869-1870
By: The British-India Submarine Telegraph Company

After the success of the 1866 Atlantic cable expedition, there were plan to lay a similar cable from India to Egypt. The British-Indian Submarine Telegraph Company was formed to provide the final link in the Indo-European submarine telegraph cable by linking Bombay to Aden and then Suez. A contract for the cable was signed and it was ready in October 1869. There were four vessels, Great Eastern carrying 2375nm of cable, Chiltern 260nm, Hibernia 915 nm and Hawk 10nm to accomplish the expedition.
On the 23rd or October of 1868 the Great Eastern ailed for Portland Harbour to finish coaling. After the first section from Aden towards Suez was laid, the Great Eastern return to Aden for coaling before going back to England. Shortly after the rest of the fleet returned home.
On the second of July of 1870 a telegraphic evening party was held in celebration of the new accomplishment which would allow for better communication between countries.

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October 8, 1869 at 3:50 am

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