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1990: BREEAM

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Innovation: BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)
Location: UK
Year: 1990
By: BRE (Building Research Establishment)

The Environmental Assessment Method (EAM) developed by the building research establishment (BRE) in the UK was the first tool to measure the sustainability of new buildings. It rates buildings based on criteria such as energy, water use, materials, innovation, access to public transportation, and environmental impact. BREEAM is significant because the method has spread across the world and led to the creation of other regional ranking systems that also measure the sustainability of buildings. Equivalents in different regions of the world include LEED in North America, Green Star in Australia and HQE in France. The push towards sustainable buildings that been generated from the development of such ranking systems impacts architecture and engineering because it provides new objectives that must be integrated into the overall process of creating a building.  `

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Written by Carlos Balderas

October 4, 1990 at 7:26 pm

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