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1970: The Key Speech

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Innovation: The Key Speech
Location: Winchester, UK
Year: 1970
By:  Sir Ove N. Arup

In preparation for retirement, Ove Arup and his partners in the industry expressed their desire to continue their strong working relations with one another as their leading positions were handed down to their successors.  At a meeting in Winchester, UK, Arup, founder of Arup Group Limited, addressed this desire in a talk known as the “key speech.”  In his speech, he sets standards for the firm—“the aims of the firm and the principles through which through which they may be achieved.”  He expected that all branches bearing the Arup name followed these standards to keep the company in good name all around the world.  The importance of this speech is shown through the requirement that all employees of Arup read this speech and abide by it so that they understand what they are working for and to.  These standards do not apply to only the Arup firm, but all other firms around the world—his speech set the standards for the industry.  [1]

Full Speech


Written by Johnathan Duong

October 9, 1970 at 3:44 pm

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