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1914: World War I

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Innovation: concrete pill box, machine guns, tanks, armed airplanes, gas mask, submarines
Year: 1914-1918

World War I created a gateway to new technological advancements in the industry. Inventions for warfare include: gas masks, the concrete pill box (understanding of concrete and materials), machine guns (guns would often overheat, and cooling methods were developed).

The first airplane was invented ten years before the WWI.  The 12-cyinder Liberty engine, introduced in WWI, weighed less (total wt. of 710 pounds) and with 410 hp, allowed the planes to go faster. Production lines were set up by multiple automobile manufacturers, workers were assigned to work in the Spruce Division (lumber), and castor beans were being planted for castor oil needed for planes. The need for ships also increased during WWI, so American companies had to cooperate, and share labor to produce transport ships, which were needed to deliver supplies to soldiers overseas.

Submarines were engine-powered by oil-fired engines (either gas or diesel) when surfaced, and had a triangular cross-section with a distinct kneel and bow to help maneuver the submarine above water. Submarines could go deeper (up to 150 feet underwater) than before, and could run underwater for short amounts of time to attack through battery power. Underwater, submarines had to burn air from compressed tanks or run on battery power that required recharging, so they had to surface frequently to recharge the battery.

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October 5, 1914 at 7:36 pm

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  1. Per Wikipedia: Submarines operated primarily on the surface using standard engines, submerging occasionally to attack under battery power. They were roughly triangular in cross-section, with a distinct keel, to control rolling while surfaced, and a distinct bow.
    Image you are showing may be from WW2…


    October 5, 2012 at 8:24 pm

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