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1893 – Ho-o-Den

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Innovation: Ho-o-Den
Location: Chicago
Year: 1893
Architect: Masamichi Kuru

The Ho-o-Den was built for the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.  It was designed to express the Japanese culture.  The Ho-o-Den was designed by Masamichi Kuru.  This building had a Japanese traditional structure and was designed based on the Ho-o-Do in Japan.  It also incorporated themes for three different periods: the middle Heian period, the Muromachi period, and the Edo period.  These different themes emphasized the great length of the Japanese history.  The Ho-o-Den was highly regarded as being an exotic and elegant structure and influenced many including Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Written by Heriberto Fernandez

October 8, 1893 at 3:41 pm

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