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1893: First Modern Wireless Telegraph

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Innovation: Wireless Telegraph
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Year: 1893
By: Nikola Tesla

The wireless telegraph was the next addition to the telegraph.  It worked like radio telegraphy.  Much like the telegraph, it used electrical signaling as communication, but this invention was completely free of wires.  The wireless telegraph worked by transmitting electromagnetic waves from one telegraph to another.  These signals were then translated using the Morse code.
In 1893 in St. Louis, Nikola Tesla gave the first public demonstration of wireless communication and presented his wireless telegraph at the Chicago World’s Fair.  Soon thereafter, many scientists and inventors began playing with this idea of wireless communication.  This idea continues to grow and is still widely used throughout the world .

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Written by Heriberto Fernandez

October 8, 1893 at 4:16 pm

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