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1861 : American Civil War

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Innovation:  Cotton Gin, Farming, Submarine, Artillery, Photography, Telegraphs, Railroads, and Steam boats
Location: United States of America
Year:  1861-1865
By: Confederate States and the Union
American Civil War 1861-1865

The American Civil War was the war fought over the secession of the Confederate States. The central reason for war was the role of slavery.
During the war there were many advances in the Industrial Revolution, farming, artillery and other that helped and at times promoted e divisions between the north and south.

  • Cotton Gin – made slavery profitable and cotton become the nation’s number one export. The success of the cotton gin helped separate the two sides and bring about war by fostering slavery.
  • Farming – farms across the country increased. The Department of Agriculture was founded in 1862, which stimulate agricultural and technical development.
  • Submarine – attempted to use but was often times unsuccessful.
  • Artillery – minie ball (bullet), guns, and torpedo. The Gatling gun was rarely used but devastating. Torpedoes were like mines. Bullets were easier to load into a rifle than the older ammunition.
  • Photography – cameras could capture real life images quickly rather than artist’s impressions. Photo journalism allowed people to understand events during the war.
  • Telegraphs – made communication easier and quicker.
  • Railroads – enabled goods to be transported faster and more efficiently.
  • Steam boats – with the construction of canals, steamboats were also efficient at transportation.

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October 8, 1861 at 3:23 am

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