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1806: Shipping Ice – New England, United States of America

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Innovation:  Shipping Ice
Location: New England, United States of America
Year:  1806
By: Frederic Tudor

Shipping ice came to place by the efforts of Bostonian business man, Frederic Tudor in the early 1800s. He launched the ice transportation industry with in the United States of America and then expanding to the Caribbean, Europe, and India. He was known as the “Ice King” after his rapid expansion with almost all industries that needed the invention of ice in cooling different things.

One of the things that the Ice King Frederic Tudor was known for, his conflict with the father refrigeration and air conditioning John Gorrie for causing his failure in completing his theory about air conditioning using ice when Frederic Tudor campaigned against the invention. Using the compressed low pressure refrigerant vapor the ice machine turns it to into a high pressured vapor that gets delivered to the condenser. It gets condensed to a low pressure liquid then it gets sent to an evaporator where heat exchange occurs and ice is created. This process of refrigeration cycle is later used by other scientists to develop the cooling systems that we use now a days.

Web links to more info about Shipping Ice: [1], [2]


Written by Abdullah Alqaroot

January 1, 1806 at 4:03 pm

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