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1700: Camera obscura in drawing process

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Innovation:  Camera obscura in drawing process
Year:  1700
By: Leonardo Da Vinci, Canaletto, Paul Sandby, Joshua Reynolds

The concept of camera obscura was first thought of by the Arabic physicist Ibn al-Haytham during the 10th century. Then with time this invention started to be used in different types of processes. Drawing was one of the things that was revolutionized with in this innovation.  Artists started using the camera obscura as a drawing aid by tracing the images projected on the screen. The camera obscura made the fundamentals of perspective and structure proportionality a lot easier to sketch. Because this invention was really important, a long line of inventors worked together to improve the sole function of this device which lead to the invention of the now a days camera. On the other hand, the camera obscura was considered a unethical way of some artists to take credit for drawing a very précis sceneries that were actually traced of this device.  It was proven that some famous artists during the 17th and 18th century used the camera obscura as a mechanical aid to traditional oil painting that was known at the time. Leonardo Da Vinci, Canaletto, Paul Sandby, and Joshua Reynolds were some of the names that often were credited with the invention.

Web links to more info about camera obscura in drawing process :  [1], [2]


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January 1, 1700 at 6:51 pm

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